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International Summer school

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Participants of the international Summer school will study and learn about Latvia's culinary heritage and transfer knowledge to the development of new healthy desserts/cakes in order to promote the recognition of Latvian traditional dishes in the world.
Tasks set to achieve the goal of the international summer school:

1. Get to know the history of Latvian culinary heritage.
2. Get to know the traditional dishes of Latvia.
3. Visit tourist attractions and get to know the concept of Home Cafes as an aspect of popularizing, preserving and transferring heritage of Latvian traditional dishes.
4. To participate in practical orientation lectures on nutrition policy issues in the historical aspect and the latest findings on nutrition issues.
5. Create new ideas for Latvian traditional desserts/cakes in creative workshops.
6. Develop prototypes of new ideas in a master class.
7. Develop and present a conceptual prototype for a new healthy dessert/cake based on Latvian traditions.

Summer school program (some changes may occur):

August 18 – Arrival and registration of participants. Latvian language lesson.

August 19 – Opening of the Summer school in Jelgava Palace - introductory lecture, introduction to the Latvian University of Biosciences and Technologies, Faculty of Food Technology, and Jelgava. Acquaintance of participants, creation of working groups. Latvian language lesson. /Jelgava/

August 20 – Excursion to the Open Air Museum. Latvian language lesson in the museum. /Riga/

August 21 – Lecture of Development of the food industry in Latvia and historical review of culinary heritage. Latvian language lesson. Excursion to food production enterprises “Lāči” (national rye bread and desserts) or “Cannelle Bakery” (sklandrauši), or “Ķelmēni” (national rye bread).

August 22 – Latvian national dishes and products, lecture. Latvian language lesson in the national kitchen. /Jaunpils/

August 23 – Master class for the latest knowledge in nutrition issues. Latvian language lesson. Visit to the home café. /Jelgava/

August 24 - Master class - Latvian national dishes - desserts/cakes and creative thinking workshop for developing prototypes of new ideas. Latvian language lesson. /Jelgava/

August 25 – Creative workshops: Creating new ideas for traditional desserts/cakes. Latvian language lesson. Group work. /Jelgava/

August 26 – “Milk, bread and honey festival” in Jelgava. Latvian language lesson together with folklore group “Dimzēns”. /Jelgava/

August 27 – Departure of participants.

Application deadline: April 10, 2023

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